Mission, Vision & Goals

What is ISANA

ISANA is a non-profit charter management organization that runs 6 high quality public charter schools in Los Angeles. We serve approximately 3100 students from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade.

The word “isana” means “sun” in 3 districts in Eastern Uganda (the Budaka, Kibuku, and Pallisa districts). There are approximately 410,000 people who are mother-tongue speakers of this language. This name was chosen through collaborative input from our students, families, and staff. A sun to us represents the promise of a new day and a new hope for each of us.

We have turned ISANA into an acronym that represents who we are –
Innovative, Socially-Aware, Network of Achievers.

Our Mission

To work together to provide each ISANA scholar with a diverse, equitable, supportive, rigorous, and engaging learning experience so that every individual will thrive at ISANA and beyond.

Our Vision

To empower every member of our diverse school community to become an innovative, socially-aware, collaborative learner and leader who will make our rapidly-evolving world a better place for all. Together, we will reach our greatest potential and shine.

Our Goals

Our instructional program is built around researched practices that have been implemented successfully around the country. The articulated curriculum progressively deepens students’ understanding of core concepts while avoiding needless repetition. The small classes allow for discussion, small group work, peer and teacher conferences and interviews on a daily basis. ISANA teachers communicate clear expectations about what students learn, how they learn it, and what qualifies as good work. They do so by setting explicit content and performance standards that all students work to achieve, and by making those standards clear to students, teachers, principals, parents, and the community.

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