Careers at ISANA

We know that that one of the biggest impacts on a student is the educators with whom the student interacts on a daily basis. Transformational education is achieved by hiring and retaining the most effective educators and leaders. Having dedicated, high quality staff has been one of trademarks of ISANA since its inception. Recognizing, appreciating, and providing for these staff is part of our job as an organization.

At ISANA, each of our employees is considered an educator and a leader. Employees at ISANA enjoy the following:

• Professional development opportunities for all positions
• Robust professional/ career development pipeline
• Competitive salaries (Teachers earn higher than LAUSD)
• Organizational sponsored benefits program that includes medical, vision, and dental
• Leadership/administrative development programs
• Induction support
• Wellness Program (click here for more details)

You should join our organization if you are committed to:

Job Openings

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