• Wilburd Estrada
    Wilburd Estrada Principal

Office Staff

  • Alex Angel
    Alex Angel Community Liasion
  • Cindy Cardenas
    Cindy Cardenas Office Manager
  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero Office Clerk

Curriculum Specialists

  • Vanessa Kuynz Boggs
    Vanessa Kuynz Boggs Curriculum Specialist/Admin in Training
  • Amy Diskin
    Amy Diskin Instructional Coach
  • Sarah Jimenez
    Sarah Jimenez Instructional Coach

Pupil Services & Special Education

  • Ramona Curtis
    Ramona Curtis RSP
  • Jessica Mills
    Jessica Mills Counselor
  • Brian Nickleberry
    Brian Nickleberry RSP
  • Arutyan Simonyan
    Arutyan Simonyan Psychologist


  • Victoria Kause
    Victoria Kause Teacher
  • Denise Ramirez
    Denise Ramirez Teacher
  • Marsha Ubovich
    Marsha Ubovich Teacher

1st Grade

  • Tracy Castellanos
    Tracy Castellanos Teacher
  • Veronica Cortes
    Veronica Cortes Teacher
  • Jessica Giesing
    Jessica Giesing Teacher

2nd Grade

  • Jeffrey Kim
    Jeffrey Kim Teacher
  • Nvard Rosie Muradyan
    Nvard Rosie Muradyan Teacher

3rd Grade

  • Ingrid Castro
    Ingrid Castro Teacher
  • Tammy Fu-Adams
    Tammy Fu-Adams Teacher

4th Grade

  • Karla Alvarado
    Karla Alvarado Teacher
  • Jennie Torres-Barragan
    Jennie Torres-Barragan Teacher

5th Grade

  • Jennifer Carranza Rodner
    Jennifer Carranza Rodner Teacher
  • Michelle Stojka
    Michelle Stojka Teacher
  • Jennifer Wong
    Jennifer Wong Teacher
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