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ISANA’s Mission

The mission of ISANA is to provide schools where underserved students will thrive in an atmosphere of high expectations and engaging curriculum with challenging learning activities.  To do this, ISANA  creates and operates high-quality charter schools that serve at-risk communities in Los Angeles, and offers programs for children and their families, including after-school, evening, and summer programs.


  • We maintain a positive learning environment in which all of our students feel safe and look forwards to improving their academic goals.

    ISANA Cardinal Teacher
  • School counseling services and providing emotional help is above and beyond what other schools do.

    ISANA Cardinal Teacher
  • Everybody does their best to help each other and that helps me grow into a good person.

    ISANA Cardinal Student
  • We have great resource specialists to support our students with special needs.

    ISANA Achernar Teacher
  • I have found that support for students that have been identified with a learning or physical challenge are quickly accommodated.

    ISANA Achernar Teacher
  • I want to be in the classroom because my teacher helps me learn a lot and she helps me with tests.

    ISANA Himalia Student
  • The environment and culture of our campus has been so welcoming and warm for me since day one. Everyone is so supportive of each other and makes each day very exciting and never lonely.

    ISANA Himalia Teacher
  • I'm very pleased with the excellent support that ISANA offers. ISANA does a great job overall. No matter how far we move, I never want my daughter to leave this amazing school.

    ISANA Himalia Parent
  • Palmati has established an environment in which students feel safe and supported at school. Regular access to technology really benefits student learning opportunities.

    ISANA Palmati Teacher
  • I always feel secure with what I am doing. If I do ever need help, I have an amazing teacher to give me tips.

    ISANA Palmati Student
  • The school counseling team is very effective in providing strategies and support for classroom management. Our Curriculum Specialists always provide resources and their input to support students' learning in the classroom. The Special Resources team communicates effectively and provides effective services.

    ISANA Octavia Teacher
  • This school makes me feel like I'm smart. The teachers help me understand stuff more. It makes you feel like you want to learn because it's fun. They provide you with what you need to learn.

    ISANA Octavia Student
  • Our school is very supportive in helping my students who are struggling in any area. They provide teachers with workshops that allow us to try new and innovative techniques. We also receive great advice on what steps should be taken for specific students.

    ISANA Nascent Teacher
  • Our school does a lot of things well. Our supplies are there. I feel safe at school. My teachers are great at teaching and all of our assignments make sense.

    ISANA Nascent Student

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